Parenting Is Relationships by Pastor Bong Saquing

ccf4web asked:

Download this video or view in another player here: Parenting is Relationships by Pastor Bong Saquing, afternoon service of May 29, 2011 at CCF St. Francis Square.


3 Responses to “Parenting Is Relationships by Pastor Bong Saquing”
  1. yam2306 says:

    I only watch you through YouTube but i feel very blessed what more if I am there. Thank you so much for continually posting this. May you bless other people specially those abroad.God bless!

  2. monnickbsrvre says:

    thank you for sharing.May God bless you!I really love watching your video.hope you will not stop for blessing other people and continue to Spread the Love of God.
    To God be the glory forever and ever..AMEN!

  3. enauf says:

    really inspiring message..we really need it to open our mind, view and ways..